Over the years I have had the opportunity to meet a lot of people and hear many life stories. As someone who grew up with grandparents and parents who taught and raised me with the core values of giving back to the community, when I hear about a need within my community, I know I have to help. When speaking with  Father Tom Vaughan of Welland’s Holy Trinity Church  he shared, “since COVID there has been an increased amount of homeless people seeking shelter, and in need of food.”  This launched the Breakfast Program through the Church that allows people to visit the pickup window for a hot meal daily.  Being someone who loves to feed people, I knew this was an initiative designed for me to participate in.  In 2022 I made a goal to donate $250.00 for every real estate transaction I complete to the Breakfast Program. I was able to present to Father Tom a cheque for $5,000.00. Going forward I will continue to support the Outreach Programs at Holy Trinity.  More information about Holy Trinity’s initiatives can be found on their website: http://www.holytrinitywelland.ca/

Thanksgiving Family Dinner Giveaway

In 2020, I launch a giveway to have families in need nominated to receive a complete Thanksgiving meal.  Our goal  is to reach more families in need each year by spreading the word across my social media platforms to increase our nominations each year!

Salvation Army Adopt a Family for Christmas Program 

Christmas is a very special time and one of my personal favorites.  Annually, we adopt a family at Christmas to help them give their children the best Christmas.


If you have any organizations that are in need of support, I would love to hear about them and find out how I can help.

Together we can be the difference!!!